> Icon Buttons and Small Frames

Icon Buttons and  Small Frames

The convent offers over 300 icon buttons. Buttons are made of photographs of icons covered with mylar plastic and mounted on a metal base with a pin on the back. They are 1-1/4 inches in diameter. They may be worn, placed in cars, etc; and are especially popular as Church School gifts and for distribution at baptisms, church celebrations, and other special occasions.

All of the icons may also be ordered in clear acrylic frames which are 1-1/2" x 2".

Large orders of icon buttons and frames are sold at discounted prices.
Quantity 100-199: 20% discount
Quantity 200-299: 25% discount
Quantity 300 and over: 30% discount

Christ the Lightgiver Icon Button Christ the Lightgiver
Mother of God Sweet-kissing Icon Button Mother of God Sweet-kissing
St Basil the Great Icon Button St Basil the Great
Button Crosses Five, Seven and Eight Button Crosses